RMIN 317 & RMIN 439 Risk Management: “Why Should You Take It?”

Obtain a competitive advantage: take both your CPA & CFP together. RMIN 317 covers:

• Analysis and Evaluation of Risk Exposure;
• Property, Casualty and Liability Insurance;
• Health Care Insurance and Cost Management;

RMIN 439 covers:
(5 guest speakers, no final, no midterm, role playing, and case analysis)

• Estate planning
• Wills, estate and probate
• Gift giving
• Life insurance and benefits
• Disability & Critical illness.

You will learn what a risk management plan is (none of which we cover in accounting courses):
All businesses and non-profit organizations face the risk of unexpected events, such as a natural disaster, loss of funds through theft, or injury to staff, customers, or visitors to a client’s premises, that could impact operations. Any of these events can cost an organization money or cause the organization to permanently close. Add these courses to your resume and obtain knowledge that is invaluable during recruiting season (and use this material in real life).