ASA Coffee Chats

We’re back.


I’m a 4th year accounting student currently working a second business season at Deloitte. I have a wide range of past experience working with Immigration NGOs, and upstream Oil and Gas. I have been actively involved with mentorships both as mentor and mentee. I love helping out others as well as learning a few things in the process. My most recent volunteer experience were with the Senior Wellness Association, the UofC Tax Clinic as well as a past Orientation Leader. I hope my experiences can help you be informed in your career decisions. My hobbies includes Skiing, racquet sports, hiking and photography. All at an entry level, if you have advice on improving these activities, I look forward to learning from you.


Hi everyone! My name is Hannah and I’m in my 3rd year of Accounting with a minor in Economics. I started my 8-month co-op at MNP in their Private Enterprise team this January where I’ll mostly work with ASPE specific entities and taxes. In my free time I like to bake, read, watch random Netflix shows, and hike during the summer! I would love to share my work and university experience and am open to discussing anything you all would like to know more about 🙂!


Hi everyone! I am a 5th year accounting student and a varsity athlete on the track and field team. I have done internships at Deloitte, Cenovus, and McKinsey, and will be returned to McKinsey in the fall as a Business Analyst.