Do you have social activities too?



I am an applicant for transfer to Haskayne for 2019 Fall term

I am wondering if I can have opportunities to have friends studying accounting or working in accounting industry.

Since I really like socializing, I want to know if this organization is good for making friends as well, not only having information about accounting job.

Thank you


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Hi Matt,

Getting involved through ASA is a great way to build relationships with other business students and accountants. Currently, we are planning two upcoming events in the winter, the Haskayne Accounting Case Competition (HACC) and the CPA Round Tables, which is a networking dinner. Be on the look out for registration coming up in January and March respectively.
Beyond these events, sign up for our newsletter (the sign-up form is on our homepage) where we will notify you of accounting-related events, try out Coffee Connect to meet some ASA members, and consider joining ASA as a director – applications to join the ASA executive team will be out in March.

Thank you,

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